UPNE-TECH  in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 quality system to control the whole process, in the design, procurement, manufacturing, inspection, packaging, installation, debugging and after-sales service and so on each process in strict management. The company USES the advanced technology, high-quality raw materials and components, first-class technology, strict quality management to provide users with advanced technology, excellent quality, beautiful appearance, and fully meet the quality, specification and performance stipulated in the contract requirements of the product. Guarantee of the equipment supplied by the company, including the main equipment and components in the correct installation, maintenance and normal use of the case, can meet the performance and service life. Key raw materials imported a world famous company. The company and suppliers have good relations, has a stable supply channels. With rich experience in engineering construction, debugging and has a group of high level, strong management, research and development, manufacturing, and engineering team.